Muskoka Family Focus Montessori School in Huntsville


In the Spring of 2015, Muskoka Family Focus with the assistance of The District of Muskoka, took over the day to day operations of the Child Care Centre at Sabrina Park (originally designed as a Montessori program) bringing it under our umberella of licensed early child care centres.   This program is a licensed child care centre which follow some teachings of the Montessori method but it is not a Montessori school.  

The concept behind Montessori is that all children deserve to experience spontaneous learning and to develop their innate potential to the fullest degree. Thus, the child will be provided with an environment facilitating the freedom to unfold into his/her true personality and to develop freely. The environment will allow the child freedom to explore and follow his own natural impulses:

  • freedom of speech
  • freedom of movement
  • freedom to interact socially
  • freedom of exploration
  • freedom to concentrate
  • freedom of choice according to child’s inner need
  • freedom from danger

The following elements within the classroom assist the young child (2.5-6 years) to develop into his/her true self:

  • respect of child
  • a prepared environment
  • materials containing control of error
  • child learns with the hand “The hand is the instrument of the mind.” Maria Montessori
  • child learns with the senses “The senses, being explorers of the world, open the way to knowledge.” Maria Montessori
  • freedom of choice with materials for each child according to his/her inner need
  • freedom for child to repeat activities according to his/her inner need
  • observation of the child and follow his/her inner needs

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